Our mission

  • 形に残る研究の実践
  • 創造的バイオプロダクション技術の開発
  • 世界を舞台に活躍できるバイオエンジニアの育成
  • Leaving the trace of our footsteps in the field of bioengineering
  • Development of novel bioproduction technology
  • Development of human resources who can be an international-minded bioengineer

Who we are


Rapidly advancing molecular biological techniques have enabled us to modify the genes and genomes inside of living cells. These techniques have also contributed to our deeper understanding of molecular apparatus in the cells. By combining these techniques and knowledge, we are now able to engineer the function of living cells and utilize them in various industrial sectors, including food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and environment.
Among a wide variety of living organisms, our group is focusing on microorganisms owing to their great diversity and unique physiology. We are working on (i) the identification and characterization of biomolecules underlying the unique physiology of microorganisms, and (ii) their application to the development of industrially useful technologies (e. g, those for chemical/pharmaceutical manufacturing, waste treatment, and energy production). Currently, we are particularly interested in biomolecules derived from extremophiles, such as thermophiles and organic-solvent-tolerant microorganisms, and secondary-metabolite-producing microorganisms.